What Can I Do To Prepare For A Mediumship Reading?

One of the first things people ask when they contact me to set up a Shamanic Mediumship appointment is, "What can I do to prepare for my session?" Part of me wants to say, "Just come with an open heart and mind, and that will be more than enough." The other part of me--the analytical control freak who wants to be prepared for everything, understands completely empathizes, so here are my top suggestions:
Make a List: If you had an opportunity to meet with your loved ones for a day and catch up, what would you most want to say or ask and why? Write these things down and be clear as to why you want to discuss or get clarity around these items--what significance do they have to your current life and happiness?
Bring a Journal & Pen: Bring along something in which you can write down notes and homework for yourself--because there usually is something on which you need to work when you leave.
Dress Comfortably: Make sure to dress in layers and wear something comfortable so you FEEL GOOD. If you want you can wear something that belonged to your loved one or bring something personal along. Sometimes, spirit will speak directly about these items. 
Invoke & Invite Them: Your ancestors are always available, but you may not always welcome them and/or invite them into your life and experience. Ask them to come and be present for the good of ALL. This is like a party--they want to know that they are invited to your experience--not that they have to crash it.
Ground Yourself: Make sure that you do some grounding exercises before you come so you feel relaxed and excited about the appointment instead of nervous and/or afraid. Close your eyes and imagine connecting with your loved ones in joy and ease. Imagine them reaching out to assist you and being available to love and support you in the best way possible so there is healing on all levels.
Drink plenty of water so you can process your emotions and make time directly after your appointment to reflect and write down notes or insights. This will help you and allow you to go back and read through things when you are ready to process even more.


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